Tourist Attractions

Koonibba Community welcomes all visitors to come and see what an Aboriginal-managed community looks like, experience local sites of cultural and historical significance and enjoy the land and landscape of the area.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Built by two Aboriginal men, Thomas Richards and Mickey Free (Michael Free Lawrie) in 1903, this historic church is listed on the South Australian Heritage Register. As the spiritual centre of the settlement, it has significant spiritual and cultural associations for members of the community — many of whom were raised and educated by the Lutheran missionaries as children.

Koonibba War Memorial

Memorialising the Aboriginal community members who fought for Australia in the two world wars, this monument is an important recognition of Aboriginal contribution to the country’s war efforts.

Koonibba Rock Hole

The namesake of the community, this natural land feature is the highest point in the district, significant as a ceremonial ground, traditional meeting place and in local Indigenous stories. Through the life of the mission, it was also used as a water catchment area, providing a crucial permanent water source in the harsh environment.

Koonibba Test Range

Southern Launch’s exciting sub-orbital launch facility used to test rocket motors and overloads is located at Koonibba. Visitors can check in at the local store before going to the viewing area near the rockhole, with chairs and shelter provided. From this platform, visitors can see actual launches when they occur, experience sonic booms and view helicopters retrieving items that have been ejected.

Koonibba Football Club / Football Oval

See the home of the Koonibba Roosters, the team of the oldest Aboriginal AFL club in Australia. Founded in 1906, the club historically played against teams from Denial Bay, Charra, Penong and Ceduna, with a strong lineage such as former Essendon and Port Adelaide player Gavin Wanganeen’s grandfather, who played for Koonibba Football Club.